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Bye Bye IB


I can finally say that the IB is finally over for my part. After a hard day at work I got home to check in to see my results. They were nothing special at all, low below what my teachers had predicted and I can’t find a reasonable explanation for them. I have however decided to let the fact go that despite my good feeling after taking the exam it was some of the worst grades I have ever had. I got what I needed to get into Aberdeen to continue the way towards my potential masters degree in Politics and Religious Studies. (Hoping that nothing will go the wrong way). I have a fantastic summer job with nice colleges and interesting assignments and can hopefully come back to work there next summer as well.

Even if my IB grades were below expectation the experience of 3 years of IB will be so valuable for me in the future. I can’t say that hard work pays off  as I don’t feel that my grades represents what I put down but that despite the pressure of the exams I managed to keep myself together.

What I can say is that IB made me more stubborn and gave me the inspiration to finish a masters degree and push it up the IBO’s face.

Three years after the IB I have become even more stubborn and willing to work for even less appreciation and graditude.

Harsh words, maybe but at the moment I don’t know how to give words to my feelings. I just felt the need to put them out there.


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